Ironing the wrinkles, Netanyahu explains Israel’s take on Iran


Israel Prime Minister(n. 部长;大臣;牧师) Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Monday that his plans to address Congress are not aimed at disrespecting(失礼、不敬) President Barack Obama, even as he assailed(vt. 攻击;质问;着手解决) the U.S. leader’s bid for a nuclear deal with Iran as a threat to his country’s survival. In a preview of his speech to lawmakers, Netanyahu suggested that Obama did not understand the depth of Israeli concerns about Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb. His remarks came at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


America and Israel are more than friends. We’re like a family. We’re practically mishpucha. Now, disagreements in the family are always uncomfortable, but we must always remember that we are family.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu considers himself to be a visionary(n. 空想家;梦想者;有眼力的人) who foresaw(v. 预见;预料(foresee的过去式)) the Iranian nuclear threat long ago, and hopes that blocking it from attaining a bomb will be his crowning achievement in government. His speech was bracketed by speeches from a pair of senior U.S. officials: U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Power spoke warmly of the ties between the longtime allies, saying the relationship “should never be politicized”.